65% of Eureka is Now in Layout

As of a few minutes ago, 65% of the manuscript for Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters is in layout.

I just sent our graphic designer, Darren, the sci-fi plots chapter. At 120 pages in manuscript form, it’ll likely shake out to around 90 pages in print.

With fantasy and the GMing chapter already in layout, that leaves only the horror chapter (another 30%) and the indexes (the final 5%) to go.

Hot damn, that’s a good feeling!

Next week will be just as busy, as I work to get the horror plots chapter (another 120 MS pages or so) into its final form. Once that goes to layout, I should have the GMing chapter back and can start sending Matt the indexing data.

So far, we’re looking good for starting preorders in July. Stay tuned!

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