95% of Eureka is now in layout!

I sent the final plots chapter, horror, off to our graphic designer last night. Thus ends a very, very long process — editing and final polishing — that I’m glad to see the back of!

The final 5% is the indexes, which might actually be a bit less than 5%, but hey. They can’t be created until horror comes back from layout, as we don’t currently know the final page number for every element we’re going to index.

And on that subject, if you hadn’t already heard: Eureka will have four indexes — count ’em, four.

I hate it when publishers skimp in the index department, and part of our toolkit approach with this book is to include lots of ways for you to find what you need. Eureka will include indexes by plot title, author, tag, and genre (main genres plus sub-genres).

For now, though, not having the manuscript to work on feels…weird. Good, but weird. I think my wife will look at me funny when I DON’T go work on the book tonight. 😉

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