Eureka is at the Printer

As of 10:36 pm Mountain, just a couple of minutes ago, Eureka has been sent to the printer and a proof will shortly be headed back to me.

Holy shit, this feels weird.

4 Responses to “Eureka is at the Printer

  • This is like the moment when the barbarian maxes out his Power Attack on the Lich, adding up all the bonuses from all the other characters assisting. The players all know the odds, somewhere between “sure thing” and “longshot”, but they’ve done the best they could have, and this is it. The dice leave his sweaty little hands, bouncing and ricocheting across the table, finally coming to rest…

    To Be Continued.

  • Martin
    10 years ago

    TBC indeed! Not much longer now, and the behind-the-scenes stuff is falling into place. 🙂 Tonight I’ll be getting our ecommerce system up and running.

  • I’m so excited about this. The closer we get, the more I want it in my hot little hands!

  • It does feel weird. It’s something we’ve been working toward, but it still feels “lucky” that it’s finished and off to the printer. I suppose it is “lucky” that we made it through the whole process… but the “luck” was in getting the right people working hard and getting it done despite all hurdles.