Eureka Sample 1: Fantasy Plots

With Engine Publishing’s first book, Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters, nearing publication, we thought it was time for a preview.

Last week, we shared the cover of the book, featuring art by Andrew McIntosh and design by Darren Hardy.

Today, it’s sample time! Specifically, a two-page spread of adventure plots from the fantasy chapter.

Download the sample as a PDF.

This sample illustrates all of the major elements of a Eureka plot: theme (“Daring Enterprise,” which is displayed on the previous page), genre, genres it’s easy to adapt the plot to, tags, and of course the real meat, the plot itself.

There’s nothing quite like Eureka on the market today, and seeing it in action is different than just reading the product page. We hope you dig it!

Itching for more Eureka news? Check out yesterday’s status update for a rundown on what’s done, what isn’t, and when you’ll be able to preorder the book.

Got questions? Fire away in the comments — I love talking about this book!

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