Eureka Sample 2: Sci-fi Plots

Last week’s sample from Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters featured four plots from the fantasy chapter.

This week, we’re off to chapter three: sci-fi plots!

Download sample #2 (PDF).

The theme for these four plots (which again appears on the preceding page) is one of my personal favorites, “The Enigma.”

In addition to showcasing the tools we’ve provided to make these plots as useful as possible in your game (overarching genre, genres you can easily adapt them to, theme, and tags), you also get to see plots written by a different set of authors this time around.

Curious who’s who? We’re proud of our contributors, and you can read all of their bios online; they’ll also appear in the book itself.

As always, questions are welcome! One came in via email last week: Will Eureka be available in PDF as well as print? The answer is yes. Preorders will be sold as a print + PDF bundle, and a bit later on you’ll be able to buy the PDF on its own, as well.

Happy Towel Day!

2 Responses to “Eureka Sample 2: Sci-fi Plots

  • lior shapira
    10 years ago

    The PDF looks nice but is too layered. Its heavy and slow to load and to flip pages. I suggest flattening the layers in Acrobat’s document processing dialog before releasing it as PDF.

  • Martin
    10 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback, lior!

    These files are straight from layout, and don’t represent the final PDFs we’ll have available for sale. Once the book is finalized and off to the printer, our graphic designer will be creating a PDF intended specifically to be used as a PDF, rather than a PDF oriented towards our printer.

    I should probably be flattening them for the samples right now, though, if I can figure out how — that’s an excellent idea!