Eureka Sample 3: The GMing Chapter

Want to see more of Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters? You’re in luck!

Today’s sample is six pages from the GMing chapter.

Download sample #3 (big PDF).

A caveat about this one: It’s the only sample that includes references to specific page numbers, and because the horror plots are still in layout, we don’t know exactly where those page numbers will fall. As a result, you’ll see lots of “p. XXXX” references — don’t panic!

These will all be replaced with actual page numbers during the finishing process, and rest assured that I’m anal enough to check several times to make sure we get them all!

With this sample, we’re highlighting two specific sections of the GMing chapter: How to Use This Book and Adapting Plots to Your Game. These are the two sections we thought would give you the best overview of what makes Eureka unique from a GMing perspective. Because of the way the pages fall, you’ll also see bits of a couple of other sections (bonus!).

If you’re still itching for more Eureka, here are several places to find out more about the book:

Coming up, we’ll have a sample from the horror chapter and a sample that’s entirely artwork — and before too long, the book itself!

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