Eureka sample #5: horror plots, and preorders open June 28th!

Eureka Preorders

On June 28th, you’ll be able to preorder Eureka! Our first book, Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters will be available for preorder right here on the Engine Publishing website.

When you preorder, you’ll get immediate access to the PDF — weeks before the book ships.

There will also be a launch day contest over on Gnome Stew, and you’ll have a chance to win a pair of hand-crafted, metal-inlaid, multi-genre d6s — these things are seriously awesome.

Horror Plots

With preorders right around the corner, it’s time for our final sample: horror plots!

Download sample horror plots (PDF).

Horror is the last of the “big three” genres that Eureka covers, encompassing everything from Action Horror to Victim Horror. I love horror games, and I also love it when horror plots show up in NON-horror games — and you can do both using Eureka.

In case you missed any of the previous previews (which I’ll shortly be collecting into a compiled sample), here they are:

Our goal with these samples was to give you a complete overview of Eureka, and I hope we succeeded — and that you like what you’ve seen of the book!

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