Masks and Eureka plain text versions now available

I just finished adding plain text versions of Masks and Eureka to the download packages available in our online store. These versions make it even easier to cut and paste NPCs from Masks and plots from Eureka into your adventure notes, and they’re ideal for use with text-to-speech software.

These files were requested by Engine Publishing fans — thank you for suggesting that we create them!

Additionally, I also updated the Masks PDF to correct a glaring and painful omission on my part: Despite reading the Masks manuscript many times, I somehow forgot to include John Arcadian’s bio in the back of the book. John was the art director, as well as a designer and author, for both Masks and Eureka, and he and his work deserve to be showcased. (John, I’m terribly sorry for skipping you — it wasn’t intentional!)

How do I get the plain text versions?

If you purchased Eureka or Masks direct from our store, just forward me your email receipt and I’ll generate a new download link for you. Unfortunately, our e-commerce system doesn’t do automatic updates.

If you bought the books on DriveThruRPG or RPGNow!, you should have gotten an automated email from their system with a link to download the new versions.

Lastly, if you picked up either book in print at your local retailer, on Amazon, or anywhere else that doesn’t automatically provide a free copy, our PDF guarantee has you covered. Just drop me a line and I’ll get you the new version.

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