ENnie Awards voting runs July 11-21, and Focal Point is nominated

Voting for the 2016 ENnie Awards is now live!

Focal Point: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions, which caps our GMing trilogy covering session prep, campaign prep, and running the game, is nominated for an ENnie in the Best RPG Related Product Category.

To vote, just head over to the voting booth, click on the Best RPG Related Product category, rate Focal Point (1 is the highest/best rating, 5 is the lowest), and then click “Vote!” There’s no sign-in or registration — it’s quick and easy.

I encourage you to vote in as many categories as possible — there are some fantastic nominees this year, and I know from personal experience how much the ENnies can mean to product sales, visibility, and future success in the RPG industry. Your vote matters!

If you do vote for Focal Point, thank you SO much for your support!

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