Focal Point hits #2 on the DriveThruRPG Hottest Titles list

As of this writing, Focal Point is at #2 on DriveThruRPG‘s Hottest Titles list:

The top 100 has gotten harder and harder to crack over the past few years, and when I went to bed last night I wasn’t sure it would make it in. At present, 18 of the other 19 titles in the top 20 are from much larger publishers than Engine Publishing. We’re small, but plucky!

I love that the price is cut off by the title below it in this view because of the length of Focal Point’s full title (I cropped the screenshot right at the point where it’s cut off). All of our books have long taglines, but Focal Point’s is our longest. I joke about our long titles…but I can’t stop making them long!

One of these days, I’ll put out a book with a ridiculously short title, just to see what happens.

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