Never Unprepared and Unframed in the latest Bundle of Holding

The latest Bundle of Holding has not one, but TWO Engine Publishing titles, plus five other books at a great price.

Never Unprepared and Unframed are two of our best-selling books, both Platinum bestsellers on DriveThruRPG, and you can read reviews and download free samples right here on our website. They tackle two topics near and dear to every GM, game prep and improvisation, and I love them both.

I also love Sine Nomine Publishing’s An Echo, Resounding. I own around 1,200 gaming books, and about 200 of them made the cut to stay on my shelves, not in storage, when we moved to Seattle. An Echo, Resounding, and its fantastic companion volume, Red Tide, were among the 200. They address the kind of worldbuilding I love: the sort that produces stuff you’ll actually use at the table.

It’s a beefy bundle overall, too, with three titles at the $7 level (including Never Unprepared) and a whopping seven at the roughly $17 level (including Unframed and An Echo, Resounding).

And on top of all that worldbuilding goodness, 10% of the proceeds go to charity, supporting Doctors Without Borders.

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