Post-move Black Friday sale is on!

I’ve settled into our new digs here in Seattle, my shelves are stocked, I’ve just finished overhauling the entire website, and it’s Black Friday — time for a sale! I’d call it a Just Moved and Redid the Whole Website and Black Friday Sale…but that’s way too long. Let’s just call it a Black Friday sale.

This time around, I’m using a discount code: BF2015 for 15% off, with no restrictions. Want an extra 15% off one of our already-discounted bundles? No problem! Want to mix and match titles from our catalog? They’ll all be 15% off. Print? Yep! PDF? Yep, those too.

Just put “BF2015” (no quotes, but case-sensitive) in the Discount Code field on the checkout page, hit Update Cart, and you’ll see the discount reflected in your total.

This sale ends on November 30, so get ’em while they’re hot. Thanks for your patience while I moved and got my ducks in a row. It’s good to have the store back online!

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