Small change to the Odyssey cover

After receiving our printer’s proof copy of Odyssey, we’ve decided to remove the gold bars from the top and bottom of the cover. This change doesn’t impact the cover art, and everything else in the proof looked good, so nothing else has changed.

The reason for removing the bars is that our printer’s tolerance of 1/16″ — the amount the cover can be “shifted” when printed — isn’t kind to those bars. We like them as a graphical flourish, but if one turns out larger than the other it’s the first thing your eye will notice, and that’s no good. Removing them was the simplest solution.

If you’ve preordered Odyssey and a) want to cancel your preorder because of this change or b) want an updated PDF with the gold-bar-free cover, please email me: martin enginepublishing com.

Here’s the updated front cover:

And back cover:

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