Unframed preview three: The table of contents

For this week’s preview of our next book, Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters, I’m going to share the table of contents.

It may not be as sexy as a full-page illustration, but I always check out the table of contents when I’m interested in a book — it’s a great way to get a feel for what’s inside. I’ll let Unframed’s TOC speak for itself:

  • Introduction
  • Improvising Dialogue Sequences, by Robin D. Laws
  • Yes, and: A Recipe for Collaborative Gaming, by Emily Care Boss
  • Coherence and Contradictions, by D. Vincent Baker
  • Getting Off the Railroad and Onto the Island, by John Arcadian
  • Gaming Like an Actor, by Filamena Young
  • Scaffolding to Support Improv, by Scott Martin
  • Just in Time Improvisarion: The Procrastinator’s Tale, by Jennell Jaquays
  • Improvisation in Horror Games, by Kenneth Hite
  • Agreement, Endowment, and Knowing When to Shut Up, by Jason Morningstar
  • Why Improv, by Meguey Baker
  • You’re in a Bar, by Eloy Lasanta
  • An Ear in the Grass: What David Lynch Can Teach You about GMing, by Alex Mayo
  • On the Herding of Cats, by Kurt Schneider
  • I Say, Then You Say: Improvisational Roleplaying as Conversation, by Michelle Lyons-McFarland
  • Names, Voices, and Stereotypes, by Wolfgang Baur
  • Selling the Experience, by Don Mappin
  • Building Worlds by the Seat of Your Pants, by Monica Valentinelli
  • Hitting Rock Bottom, by Phil Vecchione
  • Off the Rails: When the Party Jumps the Track, by Stacy Dellorfano
  • The Social Sandbox, by Walt Ciechanowski
  • Why Trollworld Has Two Moons . . . and Other Tales, by Ken St. Andre
  • The Unspoken Request and the Power of Yes, by Jess Hartley
  • It’s Okay to be Weird, by Martin Ralya
  • Index
  • Additional Contributor Bios

I’ll be back next week with another teaser. Preorders open in June!

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