A quick note about bundles and Unframed

Preorders for Unframed have ended, and I’m blown away: Based on day-one sales, I predicted we’d sell 212 copies.

We sold 259 copies.

Unframed more than doubled the number of preorders placed for Eureka back in 2010 (125 preorders), and we sold over 50% more preorders than our previous bestseller, Odyssey. Thank you to everyone who preordered Unframed!

Online store overhaul

With preorders closed, I’ve overhauled our online store. I think the new presentation is cleaner and easier to navigate, and I hope you like it. In the course of that overhaul, I also made some changes to our bundles. Many items are listed as out of stock until I get the boxes in the foyer up into the office, organized, and ready to ship out.

New bundles, and proactive refunds for “would have bundled” preorders

If you preordered Unframed along with Odyssey, or with Odyssey and Never Unprepared, I will refund you the difference between what you paid and the bundle price.

For example, if you preordered Unframed and ordered a copy of Odyssey at the same time, you paid $44.90 and the new bundle price is $35.95; I will refund you $8.95 — just as if there’d been a bundle to buy during the preorder period. You don’t need to contact me or request a refund — I’ll do this automatically as I package up preorders.

Why didn’t I create bundles containing Unframed before now? Because I wasn’t sure what to bundle it with, and whether the bundle pricing structure made sense now that we have five books in print. With a month of thinking about it, listening to customer feedback, and playing with pricing, I was able to come up with bundles that make sense.

Thank you again for preordering Unframed! The standalone digital edition will go on sale soon, likely in early July, once I get the preorder shipping process underway.

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