All products are now in stock in our online store

100% of Unframed preorders, contributor copies, and comp copies have been shipped out as of this afternoon! It took me several days to get everything boxes up and labelled, followed by three days of trips to the post office (and around $1,500 in postage), to get everything out.

As promised, I’ve also issued refunds to everyone who ordered Unframed with a book (or books) that now exists in discounted bundle form. (I calculated the difference between what you paid and the new bundle price, and refunded that difference.)

Many thanks to everyone who preordered Unframed! When I did the final tally, it shook out to 259 copies sold, a company record and more than double the preorders for our very first title, 2010’s Eureka.

The store is fully stocked and ready to rumble

With the warehouse (my office closet) fully restocked and plenty of shipping supplies near at hand, I’m ready to start selling all of our books again — including standalone digital copies of Unframed, new discounted bundles, and of course all of our previous titles. Everything we sell is now back up in our online store, ready to ship.

I updated the layout (hopefully it’s cleaner and easier to navigate), added two new bundles featuring Unframed, included Unframed in our monster “all the books” bundle — a great deal at $99.95 — and tested everything behind the scenes. (If I broke something, please tell me!)

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments (or via email: martin enginepublishing com). I love questions!

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